Introduction:Income tax:ResidencePAYE tax: Calculation of income tax: Value Added Tax (VAT) Tax administration Payment and recovery of tax:
Trade among countriesTheories of international trade Patterns of world trade (Developed countries and less developed countries in world trade) Trade policies, Exchange rate system(World and Sri Lanka), Foreign direct investment, Multinational companies, Banking facilities in connection with import and export trade (Sri Lanka). IMF, IBRD, Basket currencies, World trade agreements, GAAT, UNCTAD, WTO, Globalization. Regional co-operation: European Economic Community; ASEAN; SARC Changes in the world economy, Promoting external trade in Sri Lanka.
Consumerism as a force in today s market: The consumer and behaviour: Consumer decision making: Marketing and society: Consumer Knowledge, consumer intention, attitude, beliefs, and feelings
Definitions, Operations strategies: Designing: Factory location and layout: Productivity: Quality management & contro. Inventory management & control: